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Posted on: 04/10/02 @ 12:44 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Just a quick update for everyone on the website:
I am working on a photo gallery script for each of the shop photo pages, and as soon as I finish it, (which should be this week), I'll be posting a lot of pictures from the past month. I know people have been wondering why the photo pages haven't been updated, and this is why. The photo gallery will make it quicker for me to add photos because I won't have to hand code each page, and it will make the pages more user friendly. If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me
Posted on: 04/08/02 @ 08:00 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Changed the time conversion chart for daylight savings time.
Posted on: 03/31/02 @ 10:24 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

The Gunfighters will be celebrating their 30 year aniversary tomorrow. Pictures of the party will be posted afterward.
Gunfighters Rule!!
Posted on: 03/25/02 @ 12:00 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

The Gunfighters currently in Tinian do not have e-mail access at this time. If you need to get a message to someone, you can e-mail me and I'll do my best to get it to them.
Posted on: 03/12/02 @ 12:30 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

First 2 installments of GunFighter GoofBalls posted!
Posted on: 03/09/02 @ 04:15 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Optimized all the pictures to load faster, and fixed the broken links.
Posted on: 03/08/02 @ 15:15 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

New Gunfighter Chat room posted today. It's still in the Beta stage, but has more functionality than the other one. Send all comments or problems to me.
Posted on: 03/06/02 @ 16:20 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Gunfighters on the 13th MEU were called into action! Read it HERE !!!
Posted on: 03/06/02 @ 14:45 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Had a problem with the Chat program, but I fixed it... for sure this time... The database was wiped out, so if you registered before, do it again.
Posted on: 03/06/02 @ 09:34 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Sign up for the Gunfighter Mailing List and be notified of important events!
Posted on: 03/05/02 @ 15:27 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Chat room is up and running. Make that web date with your Gunfighter today!
Posted on: 03/05/02 @ 14:00 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Site is back up! Lots of changes made to the coding of the site. Nobody should have any problems accessing the different pages now. If you are still encountering the 404 error, let me know. I've changed the format of the site a little as well. I'll be working on getting pictures posted and the chat room working. Stay tuned for more content!
Posted on: 03/04/02 @ 13:00 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the site. I've figured out why certain people are getting errors when trying to view the site. I will once again be making some changes to the code. The layout will be slightly different in order for everyone to be able to enjoy the site. You will also be able to view the full size pictures without scrolling around. Check back for updates as we get better!
Posted on: 02/28/02 @ 07:17 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

It's a kinder, gentler Marine Corps... ...GySgt Chandler showing GySgt Gonzalez some love...
Posted on: 02/28/02 @ 03:27 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

LOTS of pictures added to the site. Check all the shop pages to see. Also added Okinawa pictures to Images page.

I optimized all the pictures on the site for faster loading. I'm sure I screwed some stuff up, so if you notice a problem, e-mail me the details, and I'll get it fixed.
Posted on: 02/24/02 @ 03:35 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Added pictures to the shop pages, fixed broken links, and repaired some coding problems. Everything should work now.
Posted on: 02/19/02 @ 13:15 Okinawa Time by: The Webmaster

Slide show of the Gunfighters loading up the HSV (High Speed Vessel) Click HERE